UPCOMING EVENT: National Security & Peace Symposium            |       DATE:  14th May 2021


National Security & Peace Symposium

DATE: 08 – May – 2021

You have a voice…

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Channel your creativity, energy and aspirations to adding value to your communities.

Get Involved

Encourage young people to participate in the democratic, economic, and governance processes of their communities.

Youth Empowerment

Partnering with credible organizations to empower the youths, promote quality leadership, transparency and accountability.

Platform for growth

Developing platforms that provides opportunities for the young people to display their creativity, talents and crafts

GiLT Niger State Event

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National Security & Peace Symposium

Interested members of LGI are required to send 100 words idea – briefly expressing a solution for ending insecurity in Nigeria.

Entries must be submitted to info@leadgenerationng.org

Kindly Note:

  1. Entries must include your LGI Membership Number, Local Government and State of origin.
  2. Participants are responsible for their participation logistics.
  3. Only selected entries will be invited to attend the symposium holding in Ibadan on Friday 14th May 2021.

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About Us

We are aware that the voice of every young Nigerian needs to be heard – our programs are community targeted to galvanize, train, support and raise the voices and stake of the Nigerian youth. We are building a new generation of young people that takes responsibility for fixing their communities and country through active participation in the socio-political process. ​

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To build, develop and support a new generation of leaders with a socio-political culture to catalyse positive change in Nigeria.

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To be Nigeria’s foremost organized movement for socio-political, economic, and cultural change and development.

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To build our communities, we must all take action. We must stand to take responsibility for our community. At Lead Generation Initiative we build and inspire young people to be involved, to take responsibility for their communities. Join us today! 

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