About Us

Building, Empowering And Supporting A New Generation Of Leaders.

Our Vision

To be Nigeria’s foremost organised movement for
socio-political, economic, and cultural change and

Our Mission

To build, develop and support a new generation of
leaders with a socio-political culture to catalyse
positive change in Nigeria.

Who We Are

We are a non-political and non-profit organization committed to creating opportunities for young people to channel their creativity, energy and aspirations to adding value to their communities. We develop the interest of the youth in governance, social inclusion and participation in the democratic and political processes in Nigeria.

We are aware that the voice of every young Nigerian needs to be heard – our programmes are community targeted to galvanize, train, support and raise the voices and stake of the Nigerian youth. We are building
a new generation of young people that take responsibility for fixing their communities and country through active participation in the socio-political process.

Aims And Objectives

  • To build a sustainable structure that works to change Nigeria’s socio-political system for the common good of Nigerians.

  • To build a new generation of leaders with a culture of social consciousness for social change.

  • To build and support a network of like minds for socio-political change in Nigeria.

  • To constantly support and empower young peoples’ participation in Nigeria’s political and entrepreneurial space.

What We Do

  • We build the young people to realize their leadership and entrepreneurial potentials and to participate in the democratic, economic, and governance processes of their communities.

  • We publish the “Lead Report” which is an annual review of leadership issues, impact and challenges in Nigeria, particularly the involvement of young people.

  • We create an expressive platform of opportunities for Nigerian youths to showcase their talent and crafts.

  • We partner with other credible organizations in empowering the youth, promoting quality leadership, transparency and accountability.

  • We hold our seminars, conferences and leadership training, to educate and groom young people for leadership and positive impact in their communities.

  •  We promote democratic ideals, good governance and transparency in leadership.

Our Core Values

L – Learning and Leadership

E – Efficiency

A – Activeness and Accountability

D – Determined to effect social change

E – Excellence

R – Responsibility

S – Service and Stewardship

H – Hope and Harmony

I – Integrity

P – Purposeful and patriotic