Lead Generation

Knowing Your Leaders

A lot has been said about leadership in Nigeria and a lot is still being said about leadership in Nigeria. We have had many negative experiences with leadership that we are surprised when something positive happens.  What then is the problem of leadership in Nigeria one would ask The answer to this, is us, the …

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Take Action

To build our communities, we must all take action. We must stand to take responsibility for our community. At Lead Generation Initiative we build and inspire young people to be involved, to take responsibility for their communities. Join us today!

What We Do

We build the young people to realize their leadership and entrepreneurial potentials and to participate in the democratic, economic, and governance processes of their communities. We create an expressive platform of opportunities for Nigerian youths to showcase their talent and crafts. We publish the “Lead Report” which is an annual review of leadership issues, impact …

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Aims and Objectives

To build a sustainable structure that works to change Nigeria’s socio-political system for the common good of Nigerians. To build a new generation of leaders with a culture of social consciousness for social change. To build and support a network of like minds for socio-political change in Nigeria. To constantly support and empower young peoples’ …

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