Knowing Your Leaders

A lot has been said about leadership in Nigeria and a lot is still being said about leadership in Nigeria. We have had many negative experiences with leadership that we are surprised when something positive happens.  What then is the problem of leadership in Nigeria one would ask

The answer to this, is us, the citizens. We are the problem of leadership in this country. Cause we have failed to do due diligence. We have failed to take proper notice of our leaders, we have failed to use our voice, our freedom, our rights granted to us by democracy. One of 100 people in Nigeria do not know their local government chairman, their house of rep representative. Some barely know the senatorial representative for their state. Which is woeful in it’s state. The level of ignorance being perpetuated by youths when it comes to politics and leadership is an embarrassing one. I tell you this, if you are to go out in the street today and conduct a Vox pop in the market area, youth relaxation centers, workplaces and ask the youths there questions on leadership, the answers you would get would be hilarious in the making but shameful in reality.

Leadership is a bull that needs to be taken by its horn by the youths of Nigeria. Leaders are the pillars of our society and the youths needs to know that these leaders they see on tv, posters, etc were once youths. Per adventure, during their own time, they were lackadaisical about leadership as well that when the mantle of leadership came to them, they wield it carelessly and in a not so great manner. We all know things were way better in the 60’s. our currency had value, we had stability regardless of the civil war. We have sadly not had good government since then. The 60’s had their lapses, yes, but this current era eclipses theirs. If we need change, then we need to mould a more political conscious youths.

A political conscious being is a being whose right can’t be easily walked all over on. It’s a being that would want their voice to echo for change, it’s a being that leadership can be entrusted to and change effected. As a nation, our youths are slacking, and we need to devise a means to pick up the slack and give them a wakeup call.

Let’s start with them knowing their leaders. You cannot go to the market and pick a fight with the woman that sold you garri if you’re not sure she’s the one that sold you garri. Knowing our leaders would do one of three things

  1. Have you in the know of the individual that is your representative
  2. Know who to hold accountable
  3. Know who to check their lapses

As much as they have given up hope on the betterment of the country, there’s still an avenue for change. This can be seen in the just inducted bill NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN. Where the ages for eligibility to run for a political seat was reduced to favour the youths. The government has taken the initiative to put this bill in place because they too have noticed that the youths need to up their game. Wielding a political seat won’t just happen in a vacuum. A leader works from the ground up. To be someone of value in the political realm, then you have to show it through your actions. There are forces that might deter the progress of this agenda, but every battle has an end. The idea is to have a foot in, to learn, to experience, to be an active participant. This way when the time comes and you’re elected into a seat, you wouldn’t be caught unawares, you would stand firm and do what needs to be done.

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