Get Involved

Explore our programs, contribute to the development of youths in your community and apply to lead youths in your state, ward or local government.

Nation Building

You can contribute to nation building in the community level by checking out the areas you feel you can make the most impact in.

Youth Empowerment

Empower our youths by contributing towards their growth. They are series of opportunities out there for them, join us in creating a leeway for them, to have easy access to opportunities that otherwise would be hard.

Craft And Learning

Learning a craft would go a long way in cutting short the level of unemployment in Nigeria. We want our youths to be able to lay claim to a skill and perfect it. Contribute to this idea by funding a craft.

Leadership Training

Train our youths in leadership. Disperse your knowledge in the political forum and mentor them in ways to have their voice heard. 

Women Leadership Development Programme

The Lead Generation Initiative Women’s Leadership Development Programme is designed to provide encouragement and support for young women to get involved in all aspects of leadership through capacity building, mentorship and networking. The programme will take place yearly in March to mark International Women’s Day.

Get Involved Leadership Training (GILT)

we train our local government and ward representatives in each state on civic responsibility, political participation, and nation building and they in turn train other members within their wards and communities.

Get Involved Leadership Summit (GILS)

We hold regional summits in each of the six geo-political zones in Nigeria to address issues that are crucial to each zone.

Emerging Leaders National Conference

We hold regional leaders national conference in each of the six geo-political zones in Nigeria with potential leaders, to inculcate in them the value of leadership, build their confidence and address issues that are crucial to their community.

Creative Crafts Mentoring

Creative youths and entrepreneurs are encouraged and supported in partnership with enterprise funding institutions. An empowered youth can empower others; hence, this program creates a platform for youths to express their talents, get supported and be empowered to thrive.


We are accepting application for National Leaders, Zonal Head & Ward Representatives, State Coordinators and Local Government Supervisors.

National Leadership

An individual who is a respected leader in national and international affairs. Eligibility for this position Is by recommendation and is reserved for the board of chairman.

Zonal Heads & Ward Representatives

The zonal head and ward representative would be responsible for the zonal/ward decisions. The individual for the position must be fluent in the predominate language of the community and must have a means of income.

State Coordinators

The state coordinator must be a precise individual, capable of coordinating affairs of the state with discretion, preciseness, and efficiency. The leader must have access to the major stakeholders (traditional, religious, and professional leaders) in the state and must have a means of income.

Local Government Supervisor

Supervisors in the local government level must be transparent individuals within the local government they wish to serve in. The person must understand the socio-political and cultural environment of the local government and must have a means of income.